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 ConverXtoDVD 5 - How to enter key  (example for:  ConvertXoVideo, Blu-ray & DVD Converter, VSO Downloader, DVD to DVD, CopyTo, . . .)

youtube PhotoDVD 4 - How to enter key (example for: ConvertXtoDVD 4, PhotoDVD, Blindwrite)

How to copy and paste

Highlight the text with your mouse by clicking the left button and holding down the click until you have highlighted all the characters, then release the left mouse button. Click on the right button of the mouse and in the drop down menu select "Copy". This will keep the key in the clipboard, in other words in your computer's memory. Open the software where you need to insert the key and place your mouse 's cursor in the box. Press the right button of the mouse and in the menu select "Paste". Now press the activate button.

copy and paste

Note: The key starts with VSO_ and ends with =.   Include these when you copy and paste.

Get your license key sent to you again.

Invalid key

If the software says the key is invalid then a mistake was made copying the key. Include these when you copy and paste.
To correctly insert the license key, open the email in which contains your license key and copy and paste ("Ctrl" + "C and "Ctrl" + "V") the key into the software and press the activate button.

Valid key but not for the right product

If you have purchased a Goldmember license you need to get the individuals keys for each corresponding product. The Goldmember licenses give you access to all our software products for free for life, but each products has its own license key.
Get your Corresponding Goldmember keys .
(CopyToDVD and Blindwrite for the moment do not have their own key you can use the Goldmember key to register these products.) Do not have the right key for the right version?
Each major version has its own corresponding license key. If you need to update your key or purchase an upgrade you can do that here.

If your license keys is less then 1 year old you will get the new key free of charge for the new major version. If you do not want to use the latest version because you do not want to pay for the upgrade you can get your old version and its corresponding key you paid for.

Wrong key for wrong product

Check the email containing your license key to see if the name and version number of the product purchased is the same as the name and version of the product you have downloaded. You may have accidentally ordered or downloaded the wrong product. If you have ordered the wrong product please contact us.