CopyTo - - Released March 8th 2013 
- 0005383: [Feature Request] v5.1.0.4 Does not remember Burn Log Windows Position (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005478: [Bug] play with vmp in windows shell, on video_ts folder doesn't play or load files (cedric) - resolved.
- 0006517: [Bug] in manager help / open log file does nothing (cedric) - resolved.
- 0006516: [Bug] burn of video ts does not work (cedric) - resolved.

CopyTo - - Released March 1st 2013 
- 0006434: [Bug] bad dating of data project (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005415: [Bug] why in manager in menu item tools, file depot items are always greyed out? (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005027: [Feature Request] add back vso show (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005443: [Bug] hide in file depot options under menu Tools (cedric) - resolved.

CopyTo - - Released February 22nd 2013 
- Translation updated
- Translation component bug fixes

CopyTo - - Released February 13th 2013 
- 0005272: [Bug] disk not automatically detected in manager (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005413: [Bug] problem with remove 2 sec gap for audio CD (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005582: [Suggestion] more spacing in updater (cedric) - resolved.
- 0006256: [Feature Request] smart old key detection (cedric) - resolved.
- 0006317: [Bug] items in starter do not open manager (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005811: [Bug] several users report nothing opens from starter (cedric) - resolved.

CopyTo - - Released June 11th 2012
- fixes access violation when launching Blindwrite
- fixes drive selection that didn't close
- fixes burning doesn't start when using CDs in certain cases
- fixes starter closing too soon before manager opens

CopyTo - - Released June 8th 2012
- 0005375: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager does not detect the installation of VSO Inspector. (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005379: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Where is File Depot Integration ? (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005380: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Where is my .ISO burner ? (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005382: [Information] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Cannot Read Text displayed (Drive Is Busy) (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005384: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Sort Order seems to do nothing (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004981: [Bug] CopyTo Manager v5.0.1.2 / Duplicate names in a folder (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005390: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Import Folder just hangs there... (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005374: [Crash] v5.1.0.4 Manager moving more than 1 file results in a crashes. (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005373: [Feature Request] v5.1.0.4 Manager, always starts Minimized / Can it remember it's state and position ? (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - internal
- 0005361: [Bug] color hints inaccurate for creation a audio cd (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005360: [Information] language selection missing a lot of flags (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005359: [Bug] manager does not always display files on desktop (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - internal
- 0005180: [Bug] 'another copy' function does nothing after clicked on (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005181: [Bug] when setting checked "eject disk after burn" - disk is not ejected (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003842: [Feature Request] make driver PatinCouffin installation optional (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004249: [Information] v5 copy to installs patin couffin ? (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003169: [Bug] windows 7 64 bit depot is missing (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005070: [Bug] change text "write" to "writer" in copyto settings (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005186: [Bug] cannot find documents in file explorer under section bibliotheque (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005187: [Bug] in file browser all items appear under "desktop" which is not the true hierarchy (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005271: [Bug] add word document to data project and prompted to add a player - not normal (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005327: [Information] create mp3 disk labeling of files extensions under project size (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005305: [Bug] in contextual menu sometimes only see logo and no text (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005328: [Information] create mp3 disk and get pop up to add player (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005188: [Bug] no prompt to erase rw disk when creating an audio cd - causes burn error (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005160: [Information] check blu-ray burning speed issue (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005131: [Bug] system error. Code: 97 parametre incorrect (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005329: [Bug] bad conversion of audio for mp3 disk (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005135: [Bug] does not remember last position if requested for file browser to be on the left (instead of right) (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005159: [Bug] manager change text about disk needing erasing (cedric) - resolved.

CopyTo - - Released April 24th 2012
- disappears as soon as launched corrected
- 0005092: [Bug] not doing layerbreak on blu-ray disks (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005086: [Bug] audio cd - not all songs are converted (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005108: [Feature Request] add option to place file explorer on left side of manager (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005123: [Bug] move items up or down in audio cd creation not always visible (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005106: [Bug] does not alway create a video_ts folder when burning a dvd video project (cedric) - resolved.
- 0005105: [Bug] project size drop down is not listing correct size of disk actually in drive (cedric) - resolved.

CopyTo - - Released April 4th 2012
- German translation updated 
- French translation updated 
- new audio converter engine added
- now compatible with DVDShrink
- creates "BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE" folders when burning blu-ray disk
- other interface corrections

CopyTo - - Released February 10th 2012
- DVD video not recognized in home player - resolved
- interface changes
- uses less resources 
- all known bugs corrected
- french translation updated

CopyTo - - Released December 27th 2011
- 0004667: [Suggestion] starter / Extras - add hint (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004662: [Bug] settings/ events logging: open browser button does nothing (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004678: [Bug] default opening of data project (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004739: [Bug] cannot create mp3 cd from flv files (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004470: [Crash] access violation when burning audio cd (cedric) - resolved.
- translations updated

CopyTo - - Released December 16th 2011

New Major Version
- mp3 disk creation now possible 
- ISO images can be modified before burn
- project selection made easier
- easier multi-session disk creation
- blu-ray support more visible
- added user friendly disk and burning status tips

CopyToDVD - - Released 23 March 2010
- 0003171: [Feature Request] unable to select multiple files already added in project (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003172: [Bug] updater should not start everytime application is opened (copyto manager + blindwrite) (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003165: [Bug] v4.3.1.10: CopyToDVD always burning at half selected speed / Burns nothing on my NEC-3550a IDE drive (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 26 January 2010
- Windows explorer crash when CopyToDVD shell integration is called (cedric) - resolved.
CopyToDVD -

- 0003091: [Information] remember path file of whaere iso was created (vista problem) (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -

- 0002976: [Bug] Flac / ape support broken (cedric) - resolved.
- CopyToDVD crash when I try to sort the log windows (by clicking on log header)

CopyToDVD -

- 0002502: [Feature Request] confusing log entry when burning a DVD video (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003000: [Bug] Double-Click for Auto Column Width makes log window stop reporting (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 2nd of November 2009

- New Blindwrite Lite version included
- 0002977: [Bug] you cannot click on the disk name to rename anymore when doing data disks, have to use F2 (cedric) - resolved.
- 0001782: [Bug] inconsistent DMA Notification (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002144: [Information] Click and select (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003031: [Information] Media status displayed on left toolbar in Manager not translated (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003030: [Bug] Can't burn using manager. CopyToDVD write engine popped and close. (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003027: [Bug] In manager, ? / Info reports Trial Version when I have a registered version (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002978: [Information] image displays poorly in top menu "?" / "Info" tab (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002981: [Crash] rw eraser tool (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002997: [Bug] copytodvd install script for japan (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003024: [Bug] Cannot save projects (cedric) - resolved.
- 0003026: [Bug] Duplicated log entries (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 20 of october 2009

- 0002966: [Crash] Crash opening a saved project (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002963: [Crash] Access violation at address error message (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 27 of September 2009
- 0002956: [Crash] CopyToDVD manager don't load with Vista x64 (cedric) - resolved.
- Burn engine major update
- Delphi 2010 compiled

CopyToDVD -
- 0002828: [Information] auto close default value shouldn't be off (cedric) - resolved.
- error at registration form close when trial version expired.

CopyToDVD -
- Minor fix with available speed list in log (cedric) - resolved.
- CopyToDVD Manager freeze when about box opened 2 times (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -

- 0002715: [Bug] Display problem in log windows using 2.4x speed (2.4687416871... displayed, should be rounded) (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -

- Missing string added in translation files
- installation script updated with affiliation support
- VSO Media player Delphi 2009 compiled. New translation engine. Unicode support added

CopyToDVD -

- 0002700: [Bug] I get a "Feature not installed. Do you want to download it" message using "Copy" button, but Blindwrite is already installed (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002687: [Bug] cd writing speed (cedric) - resolved.
- Japanese support improvement in the setup script.

CopyToDVD -

- fix an issue with ogg_tag.dll wrongly installed for blindwrite part

CopyToDVD -

- new shell extension, version wasn't displayed or was crashing in some cases.
- updated translations.

CopyToDVD -

- 0002686: [Bug] I receive an error message when I try to open CopyToDVD tuner using Starter (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002685: [Bug] CopyToDVD Starter is only in english. Translation files seems to be corrupted (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002684: [Bug] CopyToDVD keep only the first session with mutlisession disc (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 11st of April 2009
- 0002674: [Bug] Toolbars button, drag and drop functions dont work on Windows Vista x64 (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 28 March 2009

- 0002666: [Bug] Volume name not writing when I use right click on a DVD Video Backup folder or folder with Audio files (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002665: [Bug] Can't select a custom sound event, already reseted to default value when I click on "Apply" or if I close the windows with "OK" (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002664: [Suggestion] When I use right click on a VIDEO_TS folder, the proposed volume name is VIDEO_TS. It should be the name of the DVD Video folder (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 24 March 2009

- 0002656: [Bug] Hidden files can't be added in a data project with "Show hidden files" option enabled (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002639: [Bug] Media volume name not saved when I use the input box. (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 12nd of March 2009
- 0002605: [Bug] speed issue incorrect ( again ) (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002570: [Bug] If you deselect [ ] Allow VSO to collect media data in the INSTALLER, it's still enabled in the settings. (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002582: [Feature Request] Better Audio content detection (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002632: [Bug] file depot not always working (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002633: [Bug] Problem on decoding audio stream and returning duration, in some video files (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002631: [Bug] list index out of bounds (132272) (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002630: [Bug] can't add particular folder when creating Audio CD (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002560: [Bug] Cannot burn DVD+RW & DVD+R media on my new LG GGC-H20L drive (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002626: [Bug] Sounds events works in the settings, but not in the application (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002628: [Bug] I get a warning message requesting to disable AnyDVD, but it is already disabled! (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002578: [Bug] Unable to read APEv2 tags (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002598: [Crash] AudioCD burn failure without enougth details for troubleshooting... (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002597: [Bug] /cdaudio commandline parameter no longer properly supported (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002620: [Bug] incorrect status text on completion (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002622: [Bug] confusing final message (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 1st of Feb 2009

- 0002569: [Bug] Option "Check media with VSO Inspector" don't work with Vista (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002568: [Bug] don't close window option (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002547: [Bug] Some minor cosmetic issues (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002546: [Bug] Max burning speed when burning via shell without prompt (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002540: [Bug] The duration field in CopyToDVD Manager file explorer don't display the hour part for long audio file (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002539: [Crash] I get an access violation in CopyToDVD Manager when I try to add a .VOB file in a Audio CD project (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002530: [Crash] Windows explorer crash when I use right click after CopyToDVD installation (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002531: [Bug] CopyToDVD crash with "Invalid source rectangle" error message (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - - Released 14 Jan 2009

- 0002521: [Bug] The "CopyToDVD depot" shortcut is always showed in shell integration. (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002522: [Bug] Access violation raised when I seek an audio file in CopyToDVD Manager (Audio CD project) (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002518: [Bug] ISO files are deleted after burning (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002515: [Bug] CopyToDvd don't want to burn when my project name in Manager is set to "VIDEO_TS" (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0000311: [Bug] v4.0.0.30 ßeta: Multisession on a DVD+RW will always Format my media (cedric) - resolved.
- 0000571: [Bug] VSO Show Info, list out of bounds (cedric) - resolved.
- 0001139: [Feature Request] change update link (cedric) - resolved.
- 0000654: [Bug] Shell extension glitch in Vista (cedric) - resolved.
- 0000629: [Bug] (P & A) program group has english items (cedric) - resolved.
- 0000909: [Bug] Drive timing incorrectly detected in CopyToDVD (cedric) - resolved.
- 0000366: [Bug] odd behavior when trying to access 3rd party program (cedric) - resolved.

CopyToDVD -
- 0002503: [Bug] No log file is being created (cedric) - resolved. CopyToDVD -
- 0002476: [Bug] udf 2.5 for blu-ray / avcdhd projects (cedric) - resolved.
- 0002494: [Bug] bluray / avchd / sony camcorder can't playback HD project (wesson) - resolved.

CopyToDVD - 4.1.8- Released
- Fixed issues with multisession disc (error during last session state import)
- Fixed issue : Media structure burned differ from Manager project structure
- Fixed issue with DVD Video creation mode : "missing VIDEO_TS folder" error message fixed
- Sound level can be modified in Manager with Audio CD project now
- 80mm Blu-ray disc support added
- Blank Mp3 tag info hint in Manager fixed

CopyToDVD - 4.1.5 - Released 6th of Nov 2008

- cumulative updates
- new translation
- display issue of the unitstring ID in manager CopyToDVD - 4.1.4
- 0000897: [Feature Request] Feature Request: A new GUI to manage 3rd Party Applications in VSO Starter (cedric)
- 0002370: [Bug] check box in launcher does not work (cedric)
- 0002311: [Bug] add hint for option "enable dynamic boost" / in manager for creating audio CD (cedric)
- 0002351: [Bug] speed parameters and display (cedric)
- 0002352: [Bug] "another copy" and "close" button not aligned (cedric)
- 0002272: [Bug] Crash when cancelling Audio Image creation (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.1.3

- 0002307: [Bug] Freeze after completion (cedric)
- 0002321: [Bug] Writing speed selected / can be found twice in the logs, with different values (cedric)
- 0002315: [Bug] Incorrect Copyright info (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.1.2 - Released 18 october 2008

- 0002236: [Bug] VSO Starter: Copy Video DVD / List of installed software seems broken, displays everything (cedric)
- 0002241: [Bug] Incomplete translation (cedric)
- 0002308: [Suggestion] change them in manager to "default" instead of aluminum (cedric)
- 0002310: [Bug] display problem in file browser (cedric)
- 0002312: [Suggestion] information on writing process the + details (cedric)
- Change behaviour for ISO drive
- Fix some cases of zero-filled files with DATA projects

CopyToDVD - 4.1.1
- 0001904: [Bug] v4.0.7.29 ßeta: Always try to update on the internet (cedric)
- 0002221: [Bug] An error message appear at CopyToDVD Manager Start (cedric)
- error range check message fixed.

CopyToDVD - 4.1.0 ( Released 25th of September 2008 )

- 0002220: [Bug] Russian badly works at start. Correct please. (cedric)
- 0002135: [Bug] Media recognition (cedric)
- 0002219: [Bug] Double Layer media is reported in Manager like Single Layer Media (cedric)
- 0000330: [Bug] Log Windows / Remember last state and position (cedric)
- 0002218: [Bug] Click on "Burn another copy" in CopyToDVD don't work (cedric)
- 0002209: [Bug] .MP4 were supported in v4.0.4.60 not in v4.0.14.14 (cedric)
- 0002204: [Bug] Can't add APE files to an Audio CD Project (cedric)
- 0002203: [Bug] Can't add FLAC files to an Audio CD Project (cedric)
- 0002255: [Bug] Column width in File Browser not fully changeable (cedric)
- 0000332: [Bug] v4.0.0.31c desktop icon always made during installation regardless of user request (cedric)
- 0000465: [Suggestion] v4.0.1.41: Install Scripts Issues / Default Settings... (cedric)
- 0002193: [Information] Write Speed (cedric)
- 0002129: [Bug] Requested speed (cedric)
- 0002128: [Bug] Reverts to initial speed (cedric)
- 0002088: [Bug] v4.0.8.91 ßeta: AudioCD Projects seems to add a pop (Noise) at the beginning of some tracks (Specific MP3) (cedric)
- 0000830: [Bug] Takes a long time to see the check mark Complete after a burn (cedric)
- 0001243: [Feature Request] Support for WavPack files (cedric)
- 0002191: [Information] v4.0.14.14 ßeta: The word "NewDisk" no longer appears when creating a Data Project (cedric)
- 0002072: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: Adding Files (Originals) to a Video DVD projects, colors go all wrong. (cedric)
- 0002189: [Bug] v4.0.14.14 ßeta: Audio .MP4 files are no longer supported (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.14 ( Released 29th of August 2008 )

- 0002121: [Bug] Sound Events are broken in the settings (cedric)
- 0002152: [Bug] Acess Violation (cedric)
- 0002168: [Bug] v4.0.14 ßeta: Application Crashes when it tries to format a DVD+RW (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.13

- 0002012: [Bug] Cant get to log (cedric)
- 0002141: [Information] Apply Settings (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.12
- 0002134: [Suggestion] Set DVD5 as a default when creating a VideoDVD Project (cedric)
- 0001902: [Suggestion] v4.0.9 ßeta: Manager takes a long time to open when a media is present in the drive (cedric)
- 0000382: [Bug] Eraser is unable to fully erase a media (cedric)
- 0001933: [Bug] VSO Eraser v1.1.1.64 Drive not ready or no media in drive (cedric)
- 0002090: [Bug] v4.0.8.91 ßeta: Manager thinks my DVD-R can hold 7.95 Gb (Dual Layer) (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.11

- 0002071: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: VideoDVD Project minor issues (cedric)
- 0002070: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: Ordering in the File Browser (Explorer) screen is broken (cedric)
- 0001979: [Bug] Write .ISO from manager crashes if wrong burner is selected in manager (cedric)
- 0002068: [Bug] v4.0.8.66 ßeta: Burn .ISO / Display speed = x0.00 in window title (cedric)
- 0002054: [Bug] v4.0.8.59 ßeta: Multi-Drive burning is broken (cedric)
- 0002032: [Crash] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: Manager is severaly damaged / Cannot burn a data project at all / VideoDVD Project loads nothing (cedric)
- 0002030: [Bug] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: Sound Events in Bundled Blindwrite v6.0.8.93 are broken on a fresh installlation (cedric)
- 0002031: [Bug] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: File Explorer Options / Change State on closing settings (cedric)
- 0001987: [Suggestion] Do not show the Multi-Session window if disk is finalized (cedric)
- 0001990: [Suggestion] Do not activate file/folder colors on an empty project (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.10

- 0001994: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.55 ßeta: Change the text for this value (To stay consistant) / Multi Instances (cedric)
- 0001991: [Feature Request] Remember my File Explorer Options on closing manager (cedric)
- 0001982: [Bug] v4.0.8.54 ßeta: Invalid Floating Point Operation (cedric)
- 0001259: [Feature Request] add 3rd Party software in registry "DVDFabPlatinuim 4" (cedric)
- 0001965: [Feature Request] Bring Back The Destination Window when burning .ISO file from Manager (cedric)
- 0001958: [Bug] The launcher does not pick up other programs that are installed, only 1Click and Shrink and DVD Decrypter (cedric)
- 0000582: [Bug] Manager doesn't start on Windows XP N (cedric)
- 0001100: [Bug] File Depot not working in Vista (cedric)
- 0000458: [Bug] v4.0.1.41: 2 x Crash Logs are generated (cedric)
- 0001874: [Bug] v4.0.8 ßeta: Cannot Burn Anything (cedric)
- 0001932: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.7 ßeta: Apply "Default Settings" on creation of a new (Local) user on my PC (cedric)
- 0001934: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.7 ßeta: On the burn window, provide PID value and writer information (cedric)
- 0001945: [Bug] v4.0.10.1 ßeta: Media Info Box shows a weird status with empty media (cedric)
- 0000910: [Information] VSO Eraser VS Nero CDSpeed (Erase Feature) (cedric)
- 0001911: [Suggestion] v4.0.7.32 ßeta: Loose your custom values if you reinstall the application. (cedric)
- 0001910: [Bug] v4.0.7.32 ßeta: Will not burn on burner if [X] Add ISO File to burner list is not enabled (cedric)
- 0001889: [Bug] Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Double) (cedric)
- 0001890: [Suggestion] Fresh Installation setting not equal to Default settings (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.9

- 0001880: [Bug] v4.0.7.16 Weird empty box in the all settings windows (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.8

- 0001834: [Bug] Crash Log file can't be saved on disk when trying to burn on DVD Burner & ISO Writer at the same time (cedric)
- 0001870: [Bug] Shell extension does not work when elevation is required (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.7

- 0001867: [Bug] Multi-Instances Issues (cedric)
- 0001859: [Suggestion] Please make the "Inserted Media Details" window look a little better (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.6
- 0001738: [Feature Request] What's the free space left on my media ? (cedric)
- 0000656: [Bug] Regression : Audio CD volume "sounds" like if passed thru a low-pass volume filter (cedric)
- 0001817: [Bug] ogg_tag.dll missing from the installer (cedric)
- 0001835: [Suggestion] VSO Eraser v1.1.1.27 / No method selected by default (cedric)
- 0001837: [Suggestion] Remove the lines in the log window (cedric)
- 0001838: [Bug] Media ID no longer get's reported on the Manager bottom line (cedric)
- 0001836: [Suggestion] Multi-Instance / No Burner selected, nothing happends (cedric)
- 0001839: [Bug] Project details in the left panels needs to be revised (cedric)
- 0001840: [Bug] Error during Audio track time determination. (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.5

- 0001148: [Bug] CD type selection dialog is not modal (cedric)
- 0001750: [Bug] Caption, hint and menu items are not displayed correctly when language selected in application it's not the same of OS language. (cedric)
- 0001245: [Suggestion] change wording in log file after burn completed (cedric)

CopyToDVD - 4.0.4 ( Released 22nd of May 2007 )
General update of the burning part for RW media management. - 0000787: [Bug] No sound prompts with new installation (wesson)
- 0000585: [Crash] Untimely error messages when exitting Windows after a successful burn without closing CopyToDVD (wesson)
- 0000808: [Bug] Text cut of in Status window (wesson)
- 0000793: [Bug] free space problem with mounted drives (wesson)
- 0000744: [Bug] play wav file in vista when creating an audio cd, sound is distorted (wesson)
- 0000807: [Bug] Audio CD problem with MP3 file (wesson) - Include latest Blindwrite Light version 4.0.4
- Include Eraser

CopyToDVD - 4.0.3 ( Released 3rd of Feb 2007 )
New access interface,
multisession regression fixed,
DMA control improved

[Bug] (P & A) English strings that doesn't exist in any spk files
[Feature Request] Detect if CD/DVD speed is not optimal, and repair if not optimal
[Bug] (P & A) text is too small for Japanese characters
[Suggestion] VMP v1.0.4.6 still has .APE as a valid music file / Add new supported extentions
[Bug] "playback string" 4.0.2 translation issue in setting
[Bug] Version 4.0.2 the Add files dialog does not show FLAC audio files.
[Bug] v4.0.2.49 burn 3 songs as audio cd result only 1 song on cd
[Feature Request] more info in log files (dma activated and what type of project)
[Bug] ( P&A) English string that doesn't exist in any spk files and a string which lower part is missing.
[Bug] (P&A) order by default and the actual order is inconsistent.
[Bug] (p & a ) burn data disk of music add vmp to project, once burn vmp cant read audio files burnt on disk
[Bug] 4.0.2 'send stats to vso' NOT CHECKED but 'Sending anonymous statistics' still appears iin log
[Bug] v4.0.2 for multisession, when settins say "ask what to do" when multi. disk inserted, copytodvd doesnt ask
[Bug] (P&A) program does not check correctly for version updates

CopyToDVD - 4.0.2
new audio processor, more format supported

[Bug] Having VMP v1.0.3.2 as your default player, selecting more than 1 file opens multiple instances
[Bug] VSOMedia Player not opening at all
[Bug] v4.0.0.38b Issues when burning an audio cd with .WMA audio files ? (.WMA Support Broken ?)
[Bug] vso products doesn't support mono MP3
[Bug] Support for the lossless format Flac (Audio Codec) is broken.

CopyToDVD 4.0.1 ( 19th of Dec 2006 )
- New manager include newest VSOShow DLL
- Updates of registry location to be compliant with Vista.
- Backup Scheduler tasks can be executed under a different user account.
- Bundled with latest patin couffin 37 ( signed for Vista )
- Support latest 18x speed DVD writer
- Various minor interface problems
- Updated translations

CopyToDVD Version

- update DCRAW Free lib to support newest Canon 400D / Xti
- update shell integration for Vista support
- fix a language configuration in VSO Starter
- update some translations
- no longer prompt for media player inclusion when building a Video DVD project

CopyToDVD Release Candidate
First official public release
New version 4 contains
- new interface
- new human voices
- support for Blu-Ray
- optimized Manager
- new burn engine
- support for Vista
- backup scheduler 2.0
- new vsoshow with Digital Camera Raw format support
- New Blindwrite light version included

Version 3.1.3
- updated logo 
- fix a problem with auto update feature
- compiled with latest Delphi 2006 version
- installation script updated

Version 3.1.2
- New: Uses Patin Couffin driver version 35 (fixes BSOD problem)

Version 3.1.1

- New: Method to compute the exact size of a data project to be burnt
- Fixed: Some memory leaks in the Manager
- Changed: Settings updated

- This version is available in some magazines and retail market (Spain)
- Translations updated


- Changed: Better compatibility with packet-writing software
- Changed: Reorganized state machine
- Changed: Overburning on data CD-R restricted

Version 3.0.69
- New: Uses Patin Couffin 33 (fixes some BSODs with a lot of external drives connected/disconnected)
- Changed: Rewritten engine to improve overburn with CD-R

Version 3.0.68

- New: Uses Patin Couffin 32

Version 3.0.67

- Fixed: Problem introduced in 3.0.66 to send statistics
- Fixed: Some audio problems
- Translations updated

Version 3.0.66

- New: More information in log
- New: Uses Patin Couffin 31 (fixes compatibility issues with AnyDVD running in the same time)
- Cosmetic changes

Version 3.0.65

- garbage cache files cleaned
- New: Warning if source and destination are the same
- New: Uses Patin Couffin 30

Version 3.0.64
- New: Improved support for Windows Vista
- Changed: Updated Patin Couffin 29
- Various minor fixes

Version 3.0.63

- New: Includes latest Blindwrite Light version
- New: Final version of Patin Couffin 29
- New: Improved support for NEC 455x and Panasonic
- Changed: Submission of statistics is delayed
- Should be faster

Version 3.0.62

- New: Uses Patin Couffin 29 (solves problems with external USB cases)
- Changed: Rewritten part of the application to support latest Panasonic drives

Version 3.0.61

- Fixed: Problem of duplicate filenames in the file list

- Changed: Various updates in file system management
- New: Manager now supports ASPI mode
- Changed: Better DVD size detection in the Manager

Version 3.0.55
- New: Added PhotoDVD in VSO Starter
- Fixed: Manager prompted for volume label although label was entered in the project
- Fixed: Empty folders in a project were not replicated on the disc
- Fixed: Files are now correctly sorted in the Manager
- New: Sorted column is saved on exit

Version 3.0.54

- New: Support for Matsushita L311 (very old drive)
- New: Better compatibility with 3rd party packet writing applications
- Various fixes
- Translations updated

Version 3.0.53
- New: Uses media statistics database v2
- New: Eraser has better support for DVD+RW
- Changed: UDF reading improved
- Changed: UDF writing improved for Win2000 compatibility (with warning in the log)
- Translations updated

Version 3.0.52
- add a new option to create iso files without interface pop up (command line SDK)
- ejection code improved
- Translations updated

Version 3.0.51
- update some translations
- includes latest version of various binaries
- version is completely free for windows 64bits users.
- some laptop sony drive support improved

Version 3.0.50

-intermediate build which fixes some finalization problem.

Version 3.0.49

- stable version which includes the new features of version .48

Version 3.0.48
- fix a problem with old drive such sony 500 and sony 510
- fix a problem with .iso
- introduce a new option to collect stats from the burn ( sent by internet http form ) see the new stats tab for more details.
- update Blindwrite/CopyToDVD version with stats too.


* Changed ERROR statuses in Log in init dvd-r sequences to Warning
* "Always replace file" mode fixed for multisession disc.
* "preserve path name" option fixed for file list generated by manager
* CUE/BIN support fixed for MODE1/2352 images
* CUE/BIN support added for MODE1/2048 images
* Faster cancellation
* Some Media erasure problem Fixed
* Support of Dual Layer DVD-R media (tested on Plextor PX-716A)
NOTE: As the standard for DL DVD-R media is not yet finished, there in
currently no command to set the layer break to a user-defined value.
As soon as this will be defined in the standard, we will implement it.
* patin-couffin Driver V28 - stability improvement for all the platforms

Version 3.0.46

- few changes in the manager (problem with roll over menu)
- Version 3.0.46 add more trace in the log

Version 3.0.45

- various fix in speed detection in the manager
- add more trace in copytodvd


- more logged information (log available speed for media, log sharp command timing in case of failed command, log failed or successful write error recovery )
- command timeout increased for better compatibility with drives that changes their speed by steps
- fix small issue with speed setting in the manager
- translation updated

Version 3.0.42
- new pcsetup for better drivers' installation.
- introduce DVD-R DL detection
- correct a wrong log information about layer break with DVD-R
- Manager doesn't freeze anymore with external add-on launches.
- Add a new trace in the log to track readyness time for DVD-R
- CopyToDVD Settings application expose a prefered writing mode for DVD-R ( SAO First )

Version 3.0.41
- patin couffin 27

Version 3.0.39
- manager adds more video format for dvd video conversion
- copyright detection bypassed on non-removable support
- black list updated.
- fix a problem in the empty volumename label
- update or add some translations.

Version 3.0.38
- another version to solve the message : Passed filelist doesn't contain the necessary VIDEO_TS folder to build a DVD VIDEO. check the filelist

Version 3.0.37
- fix a bug in manager causing dvd movie to not be burnt

Version 3.0.36
- DivxToDVD support in CopyToDVD Manager
- some default settings values changed
- Installation script update to use AppMutex
- Better support of Multisession/SAO/PacketWriting for DVD-R Media
- Translations updated or added

Version 3.0.35
- various tuning to improve burn speed.
- new Starter with separate skin ressource
- better information about the use of CSS protected media as source
- Several fixes
- updates some translations.
- blindwrite light version 5.2.6 fix a problem with audio cd backup

Version 3.0.34
- various fixes in manager
- various log addition in copytodvd

Version 3.0.32
* add a trace in the c2cd.log to notify about DMA off.
* improve time map correction for dvd movie burnt from HD
* updates translations.
* fix out of sync source for the starter.

* fixed issue slow computing when add a long file list
* fixed issue on setting 2 files with same name - second file is now automaticaly renamed
* fixed issue "CopyToDVD Depot" button switch CD type from CDAudio type to CDRom type
* fixed issue file list display was slow
* fixed issue "CopyToDVD Depot" generate bad file list display
* fixed issue crash on saving/loading project
+ rename file menu is enabled
+ c2c file format updatedrnEngine
+ entry command format updated : column 3 is optional
colum1 column2 [column3]
file input url output path output filename

Version 3.0.30
- fix an incorrect information in the log about layer break for single layer projects.
- fix access violation when deleting files from copytocd/dvd manager
- implement burst mode ( 100% idle CPU used ) for faster and more reliable burning process.
- fix an access violation in VMP.
- add an option to define settings after installation.
- update blindwrite for copytodvd version to fix an audio copy bug.

Version 3.0.29
- fix a crash issue when some vob files are null-sized.
- update some translations.
- Manager fix some issues.

Version 3.0.27
- BUGFIX: Assertion failure on IFO parsing should not happen for the submitted problem (in VTSM_PGCI_UT, if several PGC-MENUs are mapped to the same location,
it causes the assertion failure because of a size computation error. It is correctly handled now)
- BUGFIX: Since version 3.0.26, ISO destination would lead to a crash. It is fixed now.
- BUGFIX: some external USB2 case with some writers (especially PIONNEER 106 or 107) and patin-couffin driver access layer 17 or above would fail to start writing with error [00 04 08] -
This case is solved.
- Cosmetic: In the log file, the computed layer break now refer to Cell #, which is the correct statement (instead of Chapter #)

Version 3.0.26
- Layer break selection improved: fully matches the DL DVD specifications, for better playback
(video will not stop a few second during playback when layer changes)
- Fix some problems in the manager.
- add musepack support in several applications ( vmp, manager )
- update some translations.

Version 3.0.23
- update various files
- fix potential dead lock finalization
- Add MusePack support

Version 3.0.22
- fix some crashes under 98/ME with the manager
- various fixes

Version 3.0.21
- improve ifo correction analyser
- update some translations.
- improve unicode support in copytodvd manager.
- Bundled with Blindwrite 5.2 core engine.

Version 3.0.20
-introduce full support for native 64 bits windows versions.
-Added a /datafl=”filelist_file” switch – behave exactly as /fl switch, but will not prompt for audio CD creation if -audiofiles are found in the filelist
-More fixes for IFO/BUP – better reallocation algorithm and IFO/BUP matching
-Driver Version 23 : Added support for Win64 (amd – tested and intel – untested), and fixed a small bug causing garbled unit strings
- CopyToDVD fix a problem with plextor drive with CDR finalization
- CopyToDVD add a new command line option to build DVD Video with customized structure.
- Starter fixes for 3rd party Audio application support ( KMP3 etc )
- Installation script fixes ( add more languages or correct problems )
- Update VSO Media player
- Update Backup Scheduler
- fix a manager problem under windows 98/ME
- fix a crash when renaming a dvd video project in the manager

Version 3.0.18 ( public release )
- introduce ifo analysis and correction

Version 3.0.17
- accept more .wav files format
- for dvd-r sao is used only if not multissession
- add more langages ( farsi etc .. )

Version 3.0.16 ( public release )
- accept more .wav files format
- some translations added or updated
- speed writing information in the log is more accurate
- add average speed in log.
- Eject on DVD+RW fixed
- DVD-R now use SAO Writing mode first. contact us for packet writing option instead.

Version 3.0.12
- finalization on dvd-rw sequentiel improved
- copytodvd manager dvd9 recognition improved
- copytodvd manager refresh implemented
- starter large fonts supported
- some translations updated
- installation script improved

Version 3.0.11 (internal version )

Version 3.0.10
- padding iso image removed from the log
- add total burning time added to the log
- add registry option to not close the window at successfull completion
- finalization engine changed
- multissession improved for dvd-r and dvd+r
- multissession for dvd rw media not supported for compatibility reasons
- Manager updated and optimize for DVD+R DL
- vmp ( vso media player ) updated , various fixes and improvements
- add or updates some translations ( arabic ... )
- vso starter add version information dialog ( press 'V')
- Blindwrite Light Version ( Media copier ) updated to version 5.1.7
- correct an incorrect mention to iso mode when it is only 1 file burnt
- update voices prompts strategy and setting
- correct double layer disc finalization

Version 3.0.9 ( Internal version )
- comes with Patin couffin 22
- improves performances and stability
- fix minor fixes and improve dual layer support in the manager.

Version 3.0.8 ( Internal version )
* revert source code out of synchro.
* increase time out for "init write failed"
* add or update some translations to the full package.

Version 3.0.7 ( Internal version and specific for Japan Market )
* activate DL support by registry key
* release version for Japan retail market

Version 3.0.6
* fix file time stamps problems
* fix translation problems in BackupScheduler
* add informations ( media kind ) in log file
* VsoEraser various fixes

Version 3.0.5
* various change to improve Unicode and translations ( Japanese )
* improve instant speed and average speed report
* add new languages
* fix a crash when removing items in the manager
* various minor fixes.
* burn oversized project over rw media fixed.

Version 3.0.4
* engine improved ( especially NEC drives support )
* include instant and average write speed in the status bar
* blindwrite SE updated : fix incorrect layer informations thank to Andareed.
* fix default value option in copytodvd settings application.
* various fixes.

Version 3.0.3
* add translations and tools for blindwrite light
* minor updates

Version 3.0.2
* fix a problem with P4 3.06 HT cpu
* fix a media speed detection issue
* patin couffin 21, improve sleep/hibernation mode
* In blindwrite Light fix a .iso creation for dvd
* vmp updated with latest ogg libraries
* minor fixes.
* some translation updated

* fix differents crashes in the manager
* fix a problem with 3.06 HT P4 ( jcl delphi )
* vmp update ( faster close, seek etc.. )
* starter final design ( params )
* starter support more applications

* improve a finalization problem with toshiba drive
* minor fixes
* new version of "vso start burning hub", support of several popular applications.
* bw light version updated with minor fixes
* add problem of translation who prevented to see all available dvd speed

* add 8x and 16x write dvd support in the settings
* update registration dialog
* add large font support
* improved engine for dvd+rw blank media use
* new manager with a lot of changes
* introduce patin-couffin 20 with sleep mode improved, fix burning issues with NEC/HP and maybe others
* fix the right click management on a root drive

* Fixed issue on Huge ISO file generation - spanning is disabled in this case
* fixed issue the volumename is not set if the destination is set to ISO image
* fixed issue blank DVD+RW media was not recognized as writable media
* fixed some issues of write failure at the very beginning of the write process
* Fixed some incorrect informations that was appearing in the log file (estimated file size and writing speed)
* Removed obsolete log entries
* cosmetic changes

CopyToDVD 2.4.17b
* update some languages.
* add a safe mode link in the installation to use aspi layerrn

CopyToDVD 2.4.17
* Internal engine change about media detection

* Fixed issue on sensitive drives that locks up after some commands
* Fixed the autoupdate feature is no longer blocking, and is silent in case of failure (added a log warning)
* Fixed potential deadlock situation
* Improved Format sequence
* Improved Erase sequence
* Fixed some form placement problems

* Fixed the prompt to erase a RW media appearing even if the setting to automatically erase was ticked
* Fixed some wrong media size detection issues (the overburn warning sometime appeared out of purpose)
+ Added in log the list of compatible media a writer support
+ updated translation

+ Added a workaround for driver issue. Access layer can be forced to use ASPI calls, and if driver isn't found, ASPI is automatically selected
+ Changed behaviour (by user request) : When a single folder is selected, The name of the last part of the folder is used on the media
+ Changed behaviour (by user request) : The Volume name proposal is based on the last part of the folder structure, or precedent part if = to "VIDEO_TS"
* Various fixes to prevent media detection problem that came since the use of patin-couffin driver version 18

CopyToDVD 2.4.10
-redesigned dialog for detection media process
-fix a potential crash
-use patin couffin 18

CopyToDVD 2.4.7
-iso output drive turned off on users requests.
-change in the media detection routines.

CopyToDVD 2.4.6
- various internal changes

* Fix a bug introduced in

version - only iso images was generated
- various fix.
- new informations added in the log

* Removed obsolete OPC operation, that has proved to be bogus in most drives
* fixed issue on huge files. If file > 2 Gb. are selected, filesystem is forced to UDF only.
+ Added a ISO Image File in Drive list - to generate ISO image + option to turn it on/off
- Removed setting "Keep ISO Image" - obsolete
- Removed setting "Do not write" - obsolete

CopyToDVD 2.4.3
- fix a potential memory leak
- updates some translations

+ Fixes wrong DVD ISO image (like one generated by some XBOX image generators).
NOTE : This error was leading to a write error at the very end of the DVD burning.
+ Cosmetic changes
* The proposed volume name based on Folder name last character is now present
* Media ID detection improved (new detection method added - should be able to detect more rewritable media brand)

copytodvd 2.4.1
* improved readability
* improved media detection
* improved write initialization
* fixed some lockups when starting to write
* added support for driver version 17
* fixed problems burning ISO files (multisession setting is now overriden)
* fixed respawning problem preventing huge ISO files (1gb+) to be properly burned
* added media ID to log
* added progress to application title in taskbarrndrivers patin-couffin v17 :
* better support of asynchronous transfer (shall correct some 00 xx xx error class occuring during initialization or lockups)


+ DVD-R multisession is implemented
+ DVD+R multisession is implemented
NOTE : DVD-R and DVD+R multisession requires windows XP or above to read all the sessions,
or only the 1st session is readable
* fixed behaviour when trying to write video dvd on media already containing data
* Fixed issues about multisession (all modes) - that caused some data to be incorrectly read
* Fixed a ISO9660 bug that caused some ripper to fail re-ripping data
* Fixed potential write issues and lockups with DVD-R media

version 2.3.11
- fix a problem in iso volume label
- improve multissession detection for DVD
- various fix

version 2.3.10
- fix problems with some +rw medias with some units.

version 2.3.9
- new tutorial
- fix some problems.

version 2.3.8
- solve a problem with detection of media with dvd-rw ( small overburn message )rnversion 2.3.7
- include a small bug with cache all options in some cases.
- fix a strip characteres when using unicode

version 2.3.6
- unicode tuning... and some optimization.

version 2.3.5
- improve unicode support in some cases

version 2.3.4
- remove the option force the book type who brings too much problems.

- fix various problem of finalization
- to fix previous not working copy, open pcsetup, select the drive with the dvd inserted, and press right-click menu Unlock ( lowest option )

- overburn warning fixed
- dvd-rw support improved

- fix potential problems with cache all option
- Improve finalization of dvd+Rw
- Fix finalization with dvd+r with some units
- Use the BlindWrite 5 engine.
- Fix the icon display under W2K and 98
- Patin couffin 15
- Add more information in the log file
- Add menu to install, remove and check patin couffin status.

version 2.2.10.
- packaged with patin couffin 14, fix a problem when you hot-unplugged some external units.
- better management of locked files.
- Several translations updated

version 2.2.9
- internal versionrnVersion 2.2.8
- Packaged with patin-couffin drivers version 13 - fix a bug that could potentially cause BSOD when other softwares are installed (AnyDVD 1.5 or above)
- Fixed the detection of remote files. Under Win9x, some files were falsely detected as located on a remote (network) storage.
- Support of cache file higher than 3 Gb on any windows platform
(including 9x/Me). Cache is split in multiple files of 1Gb. Max size, a value supported by any OS.
- fix a problem in registry update when 3rd party products using CopyToCD/DVD as a burning engine.

Version 2.2.7
- critical fix -
Drive affected: HP DVD300 - often the external model, rarely the internal model
When : Making a copy of a DVD-VIDEO, with DVD+R(W), and the option "Change book type to DVD-ROM" is set Symptom: Drive is no longer workable, LED is blinking anytime, disconnecting/rebooting doesn't help. This is not exactly a bug, as the problem comes from the drive, and doesn't affect CopyToDVD only. We are working with HP to provide a solution that will allow zombie drives to come back to life.
- Some MP3 created by Windows Media Player caused a program crash. This is because Microsoft media player doesn't respect the ID3 V2.3 and 2.4 tags specifications. Now, this problem is handled and no longer cause CopyToDvd to crash
- Tab orders rearranged on CopyToDvd and C2CTuner
- Better compliance of ISO9660 format (comply to Level 2)
- more informations on Log file

version 2.2.6
- add a dialog to warn about bad ifo/bup files structure
- fix a ifo/bup check routine
- add ifo/bup detection from context menu
- add/improve some hardware support
- add some options
- Add registry keys for "sdk/command line" for developers and virtual folder.
- new installation script

Version 2.2.5
- some window overlap between reminder screen and other screens are fixed
- file list now support folder lines ended with *.*
- file access error during the decoding of the command line no longer result in a app dealock situation
- Cancelling the prompt for volume name dialog now cause the application to quit
- When there is errors in BUP/IFO on any video title sets of a DVD, user is prompted to accept or cancel the write process
- add or update some translations.

Version 2.2.4
- /key switch work even when the trial date has expired
-When applicable, volume name is asked before media erasure/formatting
-DVD2One should see again CopyToDvd
-C2CManager : read informative tags in audio files from ID3 (all version), WMA, OGG, APE (V2)

Version 2.2.3
- Updated the time bomb.
- Minor fixes.

version 2.2.2
- fixed crash when hitting the test button in the settings control panel applet
- fixed a translation issue that incorrectly report an unregistered version to be registered.
- introduce beta support of HD-Burn ( Optorite dd0203 )
- fix a bug in .iso output generation
- fix patin couffin 12 installation problem in some hardware configuration

version 2.2
* manager
- Full compatible with asian characters, under any windows OS (fixed a bug that was truncating asian-formed names under win9x,Me)
- The list is correctly vertically spaced
- Added support for AC3 audio files
- the file depot now works with any users
- adding huge amount of files no longer locks the windows explorer while the manager is adding the filesrn* C2CTuner
- Added the support for AC3 audio files
- the button "default settings" now reset correctly to all the defaultsrn* CopyToCD
- Added the support for AC3 audio files
- CUE support repaired for producing VCD - note that pionneer writers doesn't have yet the support added for VCD writing.
- Added the support of OPTORITE DVD burners. This might have added support for several other burners (see ken)
* Drivers updated to version 12

Version 2.1.6

C2CTuner.exe :
Cosmetic changes of spinedits
cache small file and cache small file size setting are not correctly savedrnCopyToCd.exe:
- Potential GPF corrected
- Multisession support corrected

version 2.1.5
- better wma files management
- fix labelrnversion 2.1.4
- fix a bug introduced in the 2.1.3d
- fix bad log path issuernVersion 2.1.3d
- Fix various unicode issues on mixed os
- Fix MP3 decoder bugsrnversion 2.1.3 - 23/Apr/2003
- Add MATSUSHITA LD310 support (DVD-RAM, DVD-R)
- Fix a bug when formatting DVD R(W) media
- Fix a cache strategy error under Win9x/Me

version 2.1.2
- add DVD-RAM support.
- different optimizations in the engine
- minor fixes in the front-end.

- fix log error
- minor fixesrnversion 2.1.1
- fix trial expiration problem
- fix a problem with dvd data, files may be corrupted
when full cache is NOT selected, and UDF filesystem is NOT included.
Audio and DVD Video is not affected in anyway.

- several fixes ( minor )
- improve default hardware dialog
- fix translations
- fix dvd-ram/-r incorrect detection
- include patin-couffin driver 11 (some usb/firewire fixes)
- add translations.

version 2.0.1
- add AUDIO_TS folder in dvd video
- better max speed limitation
- iso output corrected.
- fix folder structure as copytocd 1.x
- auto correct bad .ifo/bup
- double erasing prompt fixed
- translation fixed

- new compilation options.
- fixed playback

- fix Hide Details button problems
- fix "preserve path" regression
- simplify new version notification dialogs

- C2CManager optimizations
- translation fixes
- keep the last folder in the destination

- fix a "index out of bound"
- fix the save udf file format
- C2CManager improved for dvd video

- add japan voice support
- fix some minor bugs
- file depot optimisation.
- minor bugs fixed.

version beta
- wma audio conversion fixed
- multissession problems fixed
- video_ts path problem fixed

- Internal release
- 100% new engine
- new settings in settings apps.
- new position of dialog
- writer selection in list mode

- Internal release
- First support of DVD media.

version 1.0.6
- fix the evaluation time bomb problem
- various bugs fixed

version 1.0.5
- fix a bug of cdrw detection

version 1.0.4
- patin-couffin revision 10 driver
- corrects some bugs in the MP3 decoder

version 1.0.3b
- introduce Patin-Couffin revision 9 driver
- correct bugs in some mp3 files to CD audio.

version 1.0.3
- support DiscT@2 (Disc Tatoo) technique, to tatoo CD. DiscT@2 is available on latest YAMAHA drives (YAMAHA CRW-F1x serie)
* To be tatooed, CD-R must be closed (no longer writable), and the reflective layer shall be blue, for better visibility.
- Unlock key can be entered at any time in the setting application.
- the cd writer choice windows display small icons if you have more than 3 writers on your system.

- introduce patin-couffin version 8.
- fix some installations issues.

- introduce patin-couffin version 7.
- update translations for brazilian and add hebrew support.

version - CopyToCd Release
* Issues fixed with the filelist. the behaviour with filelist is - With "Preserve Path Name", the path on the CD is preserved
From the drive letter, if the path is relative to a local drive (Ex "C:SampleMyfiles" will retain "SampleMyFiles")
From the second part of the path, if it is an UNC (Ex "MyPathMyShareSampleMyFiles" will retain "MyShareSampleMyFiles") - without "Preserve Path Name", all the files/folders are copied into the CD root * Issues fixed about Audio file/folders browse. * Faster operations

version - CopyToCd RC
* Checked compatibility with Windows 95 OSR2 (With Internet Explorer 4.0), 98, Me, NT 4.0 SP3, 2000, XP
* Full compatibility with Unicode file systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and any far east Windows versions.
* Many issues fixed about "preserve path name" option, and "Multisession"
* Faster operations (faster session merge)
* More stable
* 100% localized (including report) * The expiration date for trial version has been set to December 2002, The 15th version - First release build.
* Compatibility with newer asynchronous Patin-couffin layer
* many translation issues fixed. version - Bugfixes and new features: * Copy of unicode files and folders under Unicode versions of Windows is fixed
* Added a maximum write speed setting.
* Added a wipe button (to wipe remaining ISO files in Temp folder)
* Small cosmetic issues fixed version - Support for various audio files as : WAV : Microsoft WAV
MP? : Mpeg 1 Layer 1, 2, 3 (aka mp3)
OGG : Ogg Vorbis
WMA : Windows Media Audio
APE : Monkey's Audio (lossless audio compression technique)
These audio files are supported at any sample rate, mono or stereo. Any required conversion is done transparently. Automatic volume adjust has been implemented. If turned on, the sound volume will be adjusted up to the required value. The sound pressure can be set from -33 dB(very soft) to -3 dB(very loud). -12 dB is a good generic value. The Dynamic range is compressed to fit in 20 dB, an input sound of less than -40 dB lock the automatic volume adjust.

version - Preliminary support of CUE/BIN files - to burn prebuilt VCD images (/cue switch)

version - Corrected Multisession without session importation,
better CDRW erasure and blanking time estimation,
new installation script (fix installation-removal issues ?)

version - Internal build
version - corrected few bugs about multisession.
version - Improved robustness for multisession CD, resizable form in detailed view, Added "Cd complete" prompts
version - Added pathnames preservation option (so, the full path name is preserved)
version - Redesigned fading (smoother fades), and redesigned log reporting
version - Internal version, Multisession support Alpha 2
Bugfix : Session importer bugfixed - ISO 9660 part didn't merged correctly.
a Crash fixed

version - Internal version, Multisession support Alpha

Bugfix : Date/tIme of files were not set (thus the CD files appeared very old ...)

Bugfix : In ISO creation mode, presence of a cd unit or a blank media is no longer required
Feature : Transparency is handled a little bit differently
Feature : If a single file with the .ISO extension is passed as argument, the file is copied as image file.
CAUTION : The ISO image file shall be 2048 bytes/sectors Based (2352 bytes/sectors ISO are NOT YET supported)

corrected a little bug that prevented, in the shell integration dll, copytocd from running properly

* Log more important
* corrected an access violation if cancel button is used during file cache
* corrected potential writing failure at startup
* Cosmetic changes

version - Pre-Beta release 2.
* Support of multiple files/folders selected at the same time.
* Autorun disabler during the media check step.
* Shell integration Dll updated to support the multiple files.

The Shell DLL, if multiple files are selected, now set up a filelist file (named FILELIST.CTC)
the filelist file support both files AND folders. - UNC path are supported
- If a file is found, it is integrated in the CD root
- if a folder is found, it is also integrated in the CD root, but only the LAST folder name is used
(Ex: BUICKworkplacepcouffinobjchk will generate a objchk folder on the CD)
Then, the folder is browsed and all containing files/folders are added (using the ISO image settings about hidden or system files)

version - Pre-Beta release 1
* Automatic update check support.

version - Pre-Beta release
* All settings are supported
* Configuration application improved (log files)
* full shell integration (CTCDShell.DLL) The DLL self register / unregister
* More accuracy on log files.
* Protection scheme added.

Preliminary Support of the -fl "D:filelist.txt" switch.

Syntax of the filelist file :
; Comment line - ignored C:DISK_PATHFILE_TO_COPY_1.XXX

Settings app is Beta now
Supported settings so far :
* Play sound
* Eject when finished
* Keep Iso images
* Do not write
* Prompt for another copy
* Automatic Temp folder
* Automatic Erase CDRW
* CDRW Erase mode

Mutex "COPYTOCD_RUNNING" present when C2CD is running.
To test it, use the following code :

var hMutex: THANDLE;


if hMutex <> 0 then

// CopyToCd is running
if WaitForSingleObject(hMutex,0) = WAIT_ABANDONED then
// CopyToCd has ended.

Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREVSO, Value CopyToCd contains the path of EXE file (including trailing )

version Better TOC organization for Audio CD, shall be supported on more CD writers.
version Added support for writing CD audio from MP3 files.
version Added some error detection.
Version No longer fail on folder that contains only files.
Version - The ISO image formatter seems OK now. Test it with folders containing a lot of files and subfolders
Version - Added CDRW handler - Still some problem with the ISO image generator (some directories are unaccessible)
Version - First working version